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Iranian Ironies

On December 28, 2017, thousands of Iranian citizens took to streets, particularly in Israel – who Iran swears to wipe off the face of the map – calling out against a stagnant economy and high cost of living.

The protests quickly grew to include anti-government claims, calling for freedom and human rights. The Iranian government itself claims that “only” 15,000 protesters were counted at its height. These protests, in the last few days, are cited as the most powerful protest against the Iranian government since 2009.

Ironically, the Iranian citizens are the ones who single handedly organized and participated in the protests against the government, but the government says it’s not really the Iranian citizens who are responsible, but Iran’s “enemies” to blame for supporting the protests. This, of course, is to continue to shift the focus on the campaign against the world and downplay the unrest of its own citizens.

Iran – who is a world leader in terrorism and is “under UN watch” for nuclear weapons development – notes how the protests have turned violent (21 dead). Citizen participants in the protest face the death penalty.

The Islamic State needs as much support as possible against the infidels of the world, yet the non-infidels claim that the greater issue is that their own are suffering and have had enough to the breaking point of risking their lives against a dictatorship to bring a better future. Such protests could encourage a civil revolution, which could undermine the Iranian stance of hatred and war to everyone else. Iran needs young men to fight in hatred, particularly against Israel and United States, not to fight against the head of hatred.

Ironically, Iran – who is a world leader in terrorism and is “under UN watch” for nuclear weapons development – notes how the protests have turned violent (21 dead). Citizens who participants in the protest face the death penalty. The US State Department strongly protests the arrest of the peaceful protesters who call for a better life in Iran.

The demographic of the anti-government appears to be young to middle-aged Iranian men. The demographic of Iranian pro-government supporters appear to be older Iranian men. The younger have a taste for a better life and future, while the older men may fear the backlash of the dictatorship on current life. The demographic pattern is typical in mass anti-government protest. Yet, the Iranian protest is unique in consistently being on the cusp of war and drenched in terrorism.

All of a sudden, the outspoken and verbally abusive government of Iran turns into a stance of “victim” because of the protest of its own people. “All those who are against the Islamic Republic – those who have money, those who have the politics, those who have the weapons, those who have the intelligence — they have all joined forces in order to create problems for the Islamic Republic and the Islamic Revolution,” said Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Ironically, the outgoing US Administration issued BILLIONS in taxpayer dollars in cash – with over $500 million already delivered by the US in the past two years. The funding promptly ceased the day the current US President took office, as his very first act in office.

To be clear, the Islamic Republic is NOT the Islamic State, in fact, they differ and oppose each other. However, the Islamic Republic does fund terror organizations, particularly those aimed at the destruction of Israel. It has poured hundreds of millions of dollars into groups with common causes, such as Lebanon’s Hezbollah and Hamas and Islamic Jihad in the Palestinian Authority.

Ironically, the outgoing US Administration issued BILLIONS in taxpayer dollars in cash – with over $500 million already delivered by the US in the past two years. The funding promptly ceased the day the current US President took office, as his very first act in office. Ironically, the Iranian government holds such immense political power in the Islamic State, UN and over its own citizens.

Ironically, next to North Korea, no other county is so harshly criticized for weapons capability and lavishly funded by the Islamic State for such. The intelligence of the Iranian government is proven to support such corruption–their own protest. Yet, today, they cry poor in all of these areas and blame all of the countries who oppose them as the real problem. In histories of dictatorships, such as Iran, such rhetoric is the weapon to unify its people into the belief that they are “victims” of the infidels and the way to a better life is to join in jihad of hate.

The younger Iranian citizens aren’t buying it and see that the source of governing the countries issues isn’t another country, but its own government who is to own up to, address, and govern its people.

The world remains divided between support of freedom and future and fear of retribution against their citizens, just as Iran is exercising retribution against its own. Ironically, it all comes after the US stand with Israel so strongly declared the week before. It all matters – as Iran’s hatred for the US and strong weapons capabilities continue to grow stronger with a UN council who remains complacent on Iran’s actions.

As the US President simply stated, “The world is watching.” The Iranian citizens aren’t waiting.

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