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Becoming a Woman of Interior Elegance

In February, my husband and I set off for the Asheville Christian Writers Conference at the Billy Graham Training Center, located in a beautiful setting at The Cove in Asheville, NC. It was our first time to attend such a conference as my husband had decided in recent months to pursue his interest in Christian writing.

We went expecting to find out as much about this field as possible, but over the next two days, God gave us something more by placing some special new friends in our life. One of these new friends was LaTan Roland Murphy. She was the worship leader for the conference, and we could sense she was a woman of inner grace anointed by the spirit of God.

“Our story becomes His glory, as we choose to tell others our testimony,” LaTan says.

It is only fitting she is the author of a book entitled, “Becoming a Woman of Interior Elegance,” because to me, she is a shining example of such a woman.

Her elegance shined through the warm exterior when she spoke at the conference, about the tragic death of her nephew just a few months before. While obviously still grieving her loss, she had been burdened by God to reach out to her nephew’s friends with the love of Christ, and they began attending church and coming to her home for Sunday dinner.

Angie Duduit, Michelle Medlock Adams, Del Duduit and LaTan Roland Murphy

LaTan told us about the time she and her mother had a surprise encounter with Anne Graham Lotz one day at a local dollar store. LaTan’s father had just recently passed away, and her mother’s heart was heavy. Anne spoke life into her mother that day and was used by God to bring her peace and comfort. Later when Anne’s mother, Ruth died, LaTan returned the favor by sending her a letter that contained the same words of comfort Anne had shared.

She offers many examples in her book of her own personal experiences responsible for molding her into the woman of interior elegance she is today. This book could be used for a devotional with each chapter providing daily new and fresh insights, or it would be great to read while curled up on the sofa on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Each chapter provides a personal view into a life lesson, followed by a definition of the elegant woman of God and “Elegant Reflections” that allow us to work our way through a set of questions encouraging us to consider how to apply each truth to our lives.

She teaches us to laugh at ourselves, even when we experience public wardrobe malfunctions, accidentally serve a guest what we think is a cup of tea, or fear dogs and run from snakes.

I especially connect with her stories about her grandmother who instilled the Word of God in her heart, as mine did for me. In addition, her list of all the things she thinks about when hearing the word “home” floods my mind with memories of my childhood and simpler times.

She also throws in a few surprises such as her visit from an unusual interior decorator friend, who she recommends to all of us. We can relate to her stories of motherhood and her son’s stunning words right after he paints her cream-colored carpet with bright red fingernail polish.

I especially connect with her stories about her grandmother who instilled the Word of God in her heart, as mine did for me. In addition, her list of all the things she thinks about when hearing the word “home” floods my mind with memories of my childhood and simpler times.

This book is full of lessons for all who want to become a woman of interior elegance. She coaches us with words of wisdom about listening, pausing, having self-worth, fighting fears, maintaining balance in our lives and more, acknowledging it is often the simplest things that mean the most. She shows us how to stop focusing on the past as well as ourselves, and focus on Him.

“Our story becomes His glory, as we choose to tell others our testimony,” LaTan says. “Powerful things begin happening at that point.” Her testimonies of God’s grace and forgiveness bring power to this book and is a must-read for all women who yearn to serve as a reflection of God’s tender grace and mercy in today’s cruel and evil world.

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Note: You can read more about LaTan at latanmurphy.com. This book is available to purchase from her website as well as from Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble.


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